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This is my Happy HopeTeddibearTeddi and BammerBammer, Teddi and Hope
BammerThis is my Ginger SpiceTeddiStar, Dixie, and Bammer
Teddibear (the queen) and DixieBammerMy Happy HopeTedibear
Dixie DoodleGingerPebbles and TeddibearThis is Rocky--He is Bammer's Dad
Happy Hope and TeddiBearDixieGinger and HopeGinger, Bammer and Hope
HopeGinger, Bammer and DixieHope and TeddibearMy Pebbles--My first Chi.
Ginger Spice and Dixie DoodleLeft to right: Hope, Teddibear, StarGinger Spice-Our Chocolate MerleGinger Spice
This is one of our previous puppiesThis is one of our previous puppies.This is one of our previous pups
This is one of our previous puppies This is one of our previous puppiesMack too!One of our past puppies "Bebe"
another of our past puppiesTic Tac again.Another of our past puppies.Sophie
Our granddaughter, Zoah, with her pup.Zoah with my Hope.Some past pupsone of our past puppes
We hope you like our pictures. 
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These last 7 pictures are some past puppies we have sold!
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